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Richard S. Campbell born 12 August, 1850 died 21 May 1935
Uncle Dick Campbell married the oldest of the children of Margaret (Bost) and Jacob Fecht, Elizabeth Fecht.
This photograph is courtesy of Genevieve Rebbe
(f-169) (BW-1-2-1-S)
born: 12 August, 1850 in ________, _______ County, _____
mother: _____________ (_______________)
father: _______________, _______________
married: _________ to Elizabeth FECHT (f-160) (BW-1-2-1)
in ___________, _________ County, Pennsylvania
died: 21 May, 1935 in ___________, ________ Co., _______
buried: _________ in _______ Cemetery, in _________, _____

Richard Campbell and his wife Elizabeth had two children. They were: 1) William Richard, and 2) Ella Lauetto Campbell.
Dick Campbell worked several years in Pennsylvania as a railroad brakeman. Family stories relate that he was a man of great physical strength, despite the loss of three fingers lost while "coupling" railroad cars together.
The Campbells rented a room out of their home, to help with "expenses". It was under such circumstances that their daughter "Ellie" was to meet her future husband, Clarence Mackey.

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