Thursday, April 3, 2008


James L. Fecht (Jimmie) was an excellent and untrained painter. His best works were images conjured from memories of his childhood and youth. This work is among my favorites, simple and direct. At the bottom of the painting, on the canvas, Jimmie wrote:
"I remember well ow they first met, across our picket gate. His name was Elmer Fetterhoff and she was Dorothy _________.. Some 50 years have come and gone. I still see them in my mind, where they first met and fell in love, in the Spring of '39.
Now, he had this job, I recall, to paint the fence and gate. Well, he made the job last awful long. He asked her for a date.
In 1940 they were wed. Today we celebrate 50 years of love and marriage, that started at our gate."
Years after this painting was given to Dorothy and Elmer, I said to Dorothy, "You know, our family really loved Elmer." She looked into my heart and said, "I did too."

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