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In 2003, Brendan Patrick Fecht, great, great grandson of Margaret (Bost) and Jacob Fecht, visited the land of our ancestors. He was invited to Europe by a friend who works for the new European Union. The capital of modern Europe is in the ancient city of Strasbourg Alsace, France. It was from Strasbourg that the emperor Charlemagne ruled. His sons established the modern nations of Europe.
Brendan had the wonderful opportunity to visit La Fecht. Here he stands on the bridge leading into the modern city of Colmar, within a short distance from the camp of Julius Caesar.
The great cathedral of Strasbourg, one of the most beautiful in Europe, was once a place of excited debates on religion. Aristocrats had some choice in their religious preferences, but peasants were alloted to Catholics and Lutherans, based on the choice of their "masters." A Lutheran theologian named Fecht, published a thesis at the cathedral of Strasbourg in the late 1500s.
There is a Rue de La Fecht in Strasbourg today. Brendan says that Alsace has incredible food!


River La Fecht near Colmar, France - 1968
Jerry fills a wine bottle with Fecht River water.

In the summer of 1968, my wife Janne accompanied me on my first trip to Europe. We traveled with another young couple Stan, and his then wife Roberta Cerveny. We spent three incredible months following the advice of a popular travel book entitled Europe on $5 a Day. Our frugal friend Stan kept us to the budget... to the lira. Because we were traveling behind "the Iron Curtain", I kept only a sparce journal in the hope that it might be overlooked should we be disrupted by communist border guards. Here's a small excerpt from a small journal.
"As we crossed the border (from Switzerland) into the Alsace of France, everything was dead-quiet. We soon realized that the day was Assumption Day and a legal holiday in Catholic France. (The Assumption celebrates the Virgin Mary's lifting into heaven.)
The Alsace was superbly beautiful, rolling hills filled with grape vines and flat lands with tobacco and wheat. When we arrived in Colmar, there was a great wine festival in progress and it looked like we would have little chance to find a place to stay. But, we tried a motel anyway (to no avail)
Just about the time we were to leave, I wrote my name on a piece of paper and asked (the clerk) if he knew where the rive was? He said "of course" and pointed north, and said about "three kilometers ist der Fay-scht".
(note: This was the first time that I knew that our family had not botched the pronunciation of Fecht. It was not Fekt as the Germans say it, but a soft French way of saying our name as :Fay-t)
I became very exited. He couldn't understand what so special about the little river. I explained that it was my name, and he too became excited.
We drove off the main road, and down a little road, and there was a sign "La Fecht". It was a little thing, about the size of the Nodaway River in Iowa.
Bert (Roberta Cerveny - in 2009 our family dentist) caught her finger in the door just as we were about to go down to the water, but it was more of a cut than crushed was ok after a brief time. We posed for pictures and filled a wine bottle with water. We saw a bunny in a filed and looked for four-leaf clovers."
Long before that driving adventure in Europe, I discovered the name Fecht in my high school Latin book. I was reading Caesar's Gallic Chronicles at the time. Julius Caesar had ordered his men to build a camp near the source of the clear waters of the Fecht. Roman artifacts are still found in the fields of the Alsace to this day.
My father Bill Fecht was a splendid story teller. He loved to relate adventures of our ancestors who lived at the edge of a deep dark forest. He once told me that our "landsmen" had captured Caesar himself and taken him off into the deep woods. Many years later, I read an account in Plutarch's Lives, how Julius Caesar had indeed been captured by Helvetian Germans and taken into the forests at the based of the great Vosges Mountains. The Fecht River's source is high in the Vosges. Today a small cheese-making town called Munster graces the Fecht. I had a heck of an adventure looking for Fecht graves there, that I will save for another day. There is a recently discovered Solar Temple above Munster.
Caesar was disarmed by the Helvetii-Germans, a huge disgrace since Roman weapons were blessed and dedicated to their Gods. His soldiers finally rescued the famous despot, but his "gladdus" or short sword had been taken into the Vosges to a temple of the Sun God.
An old Alsatian story has it that Caesar's short sword is still kept by guardians in that part of Europe. The German word for a short sword is Fecht. Fecht schools in Germany or places where students learn to fence.

The Cervenys and Jerry approach the Fecht River in Alsace, France.
Gerald Fecht stands beside the sign La Fecht.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Faun Statue in the Gardens of the Tarzana Community Center 2008 - Photo by Gerald Fecht for the Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley (click on image to enlarge)

Just a small holiday note from the family of Janne and Jerry Fecht. It's chilly and rainy here, just about as much winter as we ever have. However, the rains have brought snow to the San Gabriel and Verdugo Mountains - just in time for a backdrop to the Rose Bowl Game on New Year's Day. (god's Trojans are playing Penn State - ought to one heck of a football game!)
Folks for other parts of our country have a hard time seeing winter, when they come for a visit. But, we see it. Our sister Genevieve sends her Canadian geese to us to hang out until spring. Great wedges of them cross the Valley every morning and evening now. Our noisy parrots have taken off to Baja California and will make it home in time for summer.
And, we are having the second rain in as many weeks - Rain is exciting to us because we haven't had any for about 10 months.
The city is quieter than usual, and poorer. Unemployment is really bad here now, and our Governor has drastically cut the State's budget. Lots and lots of families have lost their homes - we see "owned by bank" signs everywhere.
However, there is a optimism that 2009 will bring a renewed pride in our country and the restoration of prosperity.
As Tiny Tim, said during tougher times, "God Bless Us All!"

Friday, December 19, 2008


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(left to right)
Robert Rebbe, Chris Louis Fecht and Mary Jo Rebbe
Both Bobby Rebbe and Chris Fecht are deceased. This snapshot was provided for our family photo blog by Chris' son Christopher Sean Fecht
Bob Rebbe was the son of Genevieve and Owen Rebbe.
Chris L. Fecht was the son of Janet (Lawrence) and Robert W. Fecht
They are members of William T. and Mildred Fecht's family.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Shilo and Jamie Fecht are the twin daughters of Kim and Ronald Fecht. They are the g-g-g-great granddaughters of Margaret (Bost) and Jacob Fecht. This photograph was taken in 2006 at the time of their home schooling graduation. They are now 20 years of age.
Shilo Fecht (left), maternal grandmother Pam, grandmother Janet (former wife of Robert W. Fecht) and Jaime Fecht.


Nancy C. Fecht

Our kinswoman by marriage, Nancy C. Fecht died on November 15th, 2008 at her home in Cullom, Illinois. She was 69 years old. Nancy was the wife of Wayne Joseph Fecht, the great grandson of Margaret 9Bost) and Jacob Fecht. Wayne is a member of the family of John Christopher Fecht.

Nancy was a member of the Roman Catholic Church. Her funeral service was held at St. John's Catholic Church, Cullom. Her internment was at St. John's Cemetery in that same location.

Nancy was born Dec. 20, 1938, in Pontiac, Illinois. She was the daughter of Raymond T. and Marie Ommen Magee. She graduated from Cullom High School in 1956. Nancy married Wayne Fecht on January 31, 1959, at St. John's Catholic Church in Cullom. He survives.

Also surviving are four daughters, Penny (Randy) Scarpiniti of Lombard, Beth (Chris) King of Cullom, Patty Boomgarden of Gridley, and Amy Fecht of Cullom; one son, Joe (Sandy) Fecht of Ashkum; 10 grandchildren; one great-granddaughter; three sisters, Kate Hamilton of Cullom, Jeanette (Everett) Thorndyke of Piper City, and June Redenius of Fayette, Missouri.; one brother, Roger Magee of Washington; and several nieces and nephews.

Nancy Fecht was preceded in death by one brother, Harry Magee and two brother-in-laws, Neal Hamilton and DeVere Redenius. She was a secretary for the Cullom Co-op for several years. She then worked for the Charlotte Farmers Co-op until her retirement. Nancy was an avid reader. She loved to crochet and to do needle-point.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Newsletter of the King's Daughters' Home in Mexico, Missouri. Courtesy of JoAnn Nordlund. (click on image to enlarge)

If you dream of living a long, useful life, our Aunt Althea would be the perfect role model. She was very special to me. Althea was the last of my Father., Bill Fecht's generation. I was lucky to have her in my life. Jerry Fecht

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Willaim Lowell Swearingen 2007

In 2008, Bill Swearingen is a sophomore, majoring in Business at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. He was instrumental in the creation of a new chapter of the Sigma Pi Fraternity at WSU. Our kinsman, Bill Swearingen just completed four years of service in the United States Air Force.
Bill is the great, great grandson of Margaret (Bost) and Jacob Fecht.
He is the great, great, great grandson of Ann (Finn) and Patrick Walsh.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Photo courtesy of Christopher Sean Fecht (click on image to enlarge)
Thanks to Christopher Sean Fecht (little boy in birthday picture) for this before unseen photograph of his dad Chris Louis Fecht.
Chris was born in Iowa in 1955 and died in Arlington, Washington in September of 1999.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Daycee Ann Rose Fecht - Photo courtesy of Christopher Sean Fecht 2008 - (click on image to enlarge)
Daycee Ann Rose Fecht is the daughter of Christopher Sean Fecht.

Jacob Fecht, Wm. C. Fecht, Wm. T. Fecht, Robert William Fecht, Chris Louis Fecht, Christopher Fecht, Daycee Ann Rose Fecht.

Patrick Walsh, Elizabeth Ann Walsh Fecht, William T. Fecht, Robert William Fecht, Chris Louis Fecht, Christopher Fecht, Daycee Ann Rose Fecht.


Alexas Taylor Fecht - Photo courtesy of Christopher Sean Fecht 2008 (click on image to enlarge.

Alexas Taylor Fecht is the daughter of Christopher Sean Fecht. Alexas Fecht is 7 years old in 2008

Jacob Fecht, Wm. C. Fecht, Wm. T. Fecht, Robert William Fecht, Chris Louis Fecht, Christopher Fecht, Alexas Taylor Fecht.

Patrick Walsh, Elizabeth Ann Walsh Fecht, William T. Fecht, Robert William Fecht, Chris Louis Fecht, Christopher Fecht, Alexas Taylor Fecht.


Justine Lorraine Fecht - Photo courtesy of Christopher S. Fecht 2008 - (click on image to enlarge) Justine with her father Christopher Fecht

Justine Lorraine Fecht was born in 1996, in Everett, Washington. She is the daughter of Terra Sheldon and Christopher Sean Fecht.
is the daughter of Christopher Sean Fecht.

Jacob and Margaret (Bost) Fecht, Wm. C. Fecht, Wm. T. Fecht, Robert William Fecht, Chris Louis Fecht, Christopher Sean Fecht


(click on image to enlarge) Photo courtesy of Christopher S. Fecht 2008
Nadia Karmyne Fecht our new kinswoman in Washington State. Nadia is the daughter of Christopher Sean Fecht

Jacob Fecht, Wm. C. Fecht, Wm. T. Fecht, Robert William Fecht, Chris Louis Fecht, Christopher Sean Fecht


Monday, October 20, 2008


It is with great sadness that I write this e mail. Virginia's husband (Dr. Wm. Douglas Dixon) passed away around noon today. The funeral arrangements are pending. It will either be Thursday or Friday. Funeral Mass will be at St; Brendan in Mexico and burial in St. Brendan Cemetery. He was a dear person to all of us. I will write more later.

Much love, Margie

Virginia and Margie are the daughters of Lena and Lawrence.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Helen's great-grandson, Vincent Murray, was killed yesterday in an accident
at Cheney, Washington. He was riding in his grandfather's lap on a skid
loader, moving gravel, and he apparently leaned forward and was killed
instantly when the arm of the loader came down.
I imagine he's with our parents now, in good hands.

peace and love Dan Sullivan

Steven was the great, great grandson of Florence (Fecht) and Dan Sullivan. He was the g-g-g-great grandson of Margaret (Bost) and Jacob Fecht.
We will provide more information when it comes to us. Jerry Fecht

Sunday, September 14, 2008


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Currency from WWII - Gift from James L. Fecht to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley 2007 (click on image to enlarge)
Two (likely) Japanese bills given to his Museum by James Fecht just before his death. Jim acquired these bills on Iwo Jima at the same time he got the Philippine note.


Philippine 10 centavo note: Gift to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley by James L. Fecht in 2007
James Fecht, a young American Marine in World War II brought back several interesting artifacts, one of which is this small 10 centavo note from pre-World War II Philippines. The bill was found on a Japanese soldier captured during the invasion of the Island of Iwo Jima. Japanese prisoners, and there were very few on Iwo Jima, were stripped and made to lay under barbed wire. Artifacts in their clothing not deemed of military significance were divided among the young Americans guarding the prisoners.
Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley (click to enlarge)

After WWII, James Fecht married and settled in the San Fernando Valley. It was years before he talked about his experiences in the war, among which was the guarding of prisoners on Iwo Jima. He talked about how much he hated the prisoners, and how he feared them. Jim had seen the results of the Japanese army's atrocities on other islands and the deaths of his friends and fellow Marines. His indoctrination about the "sub-human" status of the Japanese made him more fearful, dangerous and determined.

Friday, September 12, 2008


In the middle of the Great Depression, Francis (Frank) Fecht encountered a beautiful farm girl in rural Missouri. According to her sister in law Mildred Fecht, "It was love at first sight!" The young woman, Althea Luella Erdel, married Frank on the 14th of May, 1915 in the Roman Catholic Church rectory in Westphalia, Missouri.
Althea Erdel attended Prairie Lea School, with several of her family members and Candy Reeder. The school was located five miles northeast of Mexico, Missouri in Audrain County.
Francis and Althea had two children. They are: Larry Wayne Fecht and Jo Ann Fecht Nordlund.

The following is her obituary from the Mexico (Missouri) Ledger:
Althea L. Fecht
Althea L. Fecht, 93 of Mexico, died Thursday, Sept. 11, 2008 at Audrain Medical Center.
 Funeral services will be held at 10 a.m. Monday at Arnold Funeral Home. Burial will follow at St. Brendan Cemetery (on the outskirts of Mexico, Missouri) Visitation will be Monday from 9 until time of service at the funeral home.
 (Jerry Fecht's note: Saint Brendan Cemetery is the burial site of Margaret (Bost) Fecht, our ancestor grandmother who began our family in America. Many other Fecht family members, including Althea's husband, Frank Fecht are buried at this site.)
She was born on May 14, 1915 in Audrain County, the daughter of Harry and Annie (Doerge) Erdel. On Oct. 10, 1934 she married Frank C. Fecht in Westphalia. He preceded her in death on Jan. 24, 1974.

Althea had worked at St. Brendan School cafeteria for a number of years and also volunteered at Audrain Medical Center.
(Her) survivors include her son, Larry Fecht, and wife, Joan, of Mexico; a daughter, Jo Ann Nordlund and husband, Stan, of Palmyra, Virginia.; five grandchildren, Vicki Wilson of Virginia, Carrie Sheldon of Pennsylvania, Steve Nordlund of Oregon, Andy Fecht of Mexico and Lisa Fecht of Mexico. She is also survived by seven great-grandchildren; a sister, Vallie Ann Coil and husband, Bernard, of Mexico; and a sister-in-law, Julia Erdel, of Mexico. 
In addition to her husband, she was preceded in death by seven brothers and sisters, Emil Erdel, Dorothy Ruse, Mary Schutte, Eddie Erdel, Wesley Erdel, Leo Erdel and Harold Erdel.

Memorials may be made to St. Brendan Church or Audrain Medical Center.

Condolences at

A message from Genevieve Rebbe, Althea's niece - Washington State
"I am glad we visited her while she was still in her home where she and Uncle Frank lived for so many years. She stayed so spry into her old years. She told me it was because she walked every day. I asked her about the grape harbor in the back yard that I remembered as a child when she and my mom made grape jelly. I will miss getting her Christmas cards in reply to mine and will cherish the time we had with her
Love from her niece Genevieve

A message from Jo Ann, Althea's daughter:
"Mom passed away last night 9/11 at l0:00 p.m.. Her funeral will be Monday in Mexico with Arnold Funeral home. She had been admitted to the hospital in the morning. After watching her favorite St. Louis Cardinals with Larry she passed in her sleep."

A note from Jerry Fecht, Althea's nephew - California
Aunt Althea was the last of the children and in-law children of William Thomas Fecht and Elizabeth Ann Walsh Fecht. She was a most impressive, self educated woman. Generally quiet, when I knew her in the late 1940s, she was the youngest of my aunts in a family of opinionated older Irish and German womenfolk. I loved her.
Althea kept many of her farm ways, despite living most of her adult life in the town of Mexico, Missouri. Her garden was a marvel, with always some delicious morsel for her nephew. She worked hard, and walked every day to keep up the energy she needed to care for her family and those in the community who needed her help.
When I was five years old, I sassed her while she was watching over me near the Audrain Country Courthouse. She gave me an impressive swat and said, "Now, this won't have to happen again!" It didn't."

A note from Dan Sullivan - Nebraska
"I'm sorry to hear of Althea's passing. That's the end of a generation, I believe. I'll always consider them the greatest.
I remember Aunt Althea as a sweet, caring individual who could talk about
life with a child in ways that were understanding."

Thursday, September 11, 2008


William Thomas Fecht and Mildred Fecht
Photo taken in Everett, Washington c. 1947 by Mildren's sister Mary Richards (click on image to enlarge)

(click on image to enlarge)
Susan and Earl Wojcieszak - Wedding - May 29, 1965

These photos were among the collection of Mildred Fecht

Friday, September 5, 2008

GERALD FECHT - about 21

Gerald Richard Fecht - Propaganda photograph taken at the U.S. Naval Air Station in Los Alamitos, California. About 1960 or 1961.
Jerry is the great grandson of Margaret (Bost) and Jacob Fecht

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Photo by Brendan Fecht - 2008 (click on image to enlarge)

Brendan Patrick Fecht's grandmother Katherine Shreves was among the first students to graduate from the Julliard School of Music in New York City. Students would often use Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan as a place to meet, especially in the winter when they could be warm inside.
Brendan spent last week in New York City. He took time out to visit Saint Patrick's and naturally because he is the great grandson of Elizabeth Ann Walsh Fecht, he lighted a candle at the shrine of Saint Anthony of Padua.

Jimmy Fecht (Brendan's uncle) was a Marine in WWII. He brought his little sister Genevieve a little locket, inlayed with mother of pearl. It was her pride and joy. One day. while cutting through a field of newly cut corn stocks, Genevieve lost her lock. Overwhelmed, Gen and his little brother Jerry knelt at the edge of field and asked Saint Anthony, patron saint of lost things, to help them find the locket. When Genevieve stood up, there on a fence wire was the locket. She'll be pleased to know that the center candle in Brendan's photograph got lighted for us all.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008



Our new kinsman was born on the 5th of August in Sutter Hospital, Lakeport, California. He is the son of Samantha and Michael Wayne Wojcieszak.
Little Sean is the great, great, great, great grandson of Margaret (Bost) and Jacob Fecht.


Congratulations to our kinsman, Darren Wojcieszak on his promotion to Police Captain for the City of Ukiah, California. Darren is the grandson of Joye (Barnes) and James L. Fecht. Darren is the great, great, great grandson of Margaret (Bost) and Jacob Fecht.
To learn more about the life and times of Darren, Google Wojcieszak and Ukiah. He's a busy man.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Dorothy Fetterhoff, Carol Fetterhoff and Dan Sullivan.
Dorothy and Dan are first cousins. Carol is the wife of William Glen Fetterhoff. (click on images to enlarge)

Sarah Voss and Dorothy Fetterhoff. Sarah is the wife of Dan Sullivan. Taken during Dan's visit to Jackson, Missouri.

Cousins Dorothy Fetterhoff and Dan Sullivan.

(clockwise from the left) Dorothy Fetterhoff, Dan Sullivan, William G. Fetterhoff, Scott Fetterhoff (Bill and Carol's son) and William "Biill" Fahrenkrog (Bill is Anita's husband)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


News has reached us through JoAnn Nordlund that Althea Fecht has, as a result of a fall and hospitalization, relocated to the Kings Daughters Home
620 West Boulevard St. Room
22. Mexico, Mo. 65265

JoAnn says:
" She is doing as well as can be expected for 93. She is confined to a wheel chair and they have to watch her as she wants to get up and walk and trys that if no one is looking. She is strong willed! Her hip was inoperable at her age. She is in a nice place with caring personnel. She has her good and bad days as I guess anyone would at that age."

Aunt Cashie Ryan Fecht volunteered for years at Kings Daughters Home.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Seattle Race for the Cure Walk (click on picture to enlarge)
On June 22nd, my wife Janne and I participated in the Race for the Cure - Breast Cancer Walk in Seattle, Washington. 14,500 women and men participated.
It turned out to be a very painful experience for me. For the last few years, I've been experiencing problems walking and the walk did me in. I was the very last person to make it back to Seahawk Stadium! Well, now I can not longer use any macho-bravado excuses. It's time to deal with doctors ... yuk!
But, far more important than my whining, was the magnificent demonstration by people (mostly women and girls) of all ages, determined to bring an end to scourge of breast cancer. Nothing makes me prouder of being part of our human race than to watch people empower themselves and others in face of what seems like insurmountable odds.
Our group was organized by Wendy Huntington, a lifelong friend of Janne's from Pomona College. 31 people were in our section of the walk. The importance of the effort to raise both money and awareness about breast cancer was made even more emphatic by the fact that one of our group was hospitalized the day before the event.
Making it to the end of the walk, with the clean up police car creeping just behind me, and leaning on Janne for support, created in me a whirlwind of emotions within. I was at once embarrassed, in lots of pain, determined, grateful and in awe of the 14,499 others who spent their Sunday morning making a difference.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


(click on photo to enlarge)
Left to Right
Owen L. and Genevieve Rebbe, Karla and Jim Barton - 2008
Karla and Jim built much of this home in Washington based on plans for a New England home.


Karla Barton displays Fecht Family Heirloom.

Shortly after her marriage to Bill Fecht in October of 1920, Mildred and Bill moved to Mexico, Missouri. About mid-November, Elizabeth Ann (Walsh) Fecht was showing her new daughter-in-law the little stores in Mexico. Mildred admired a large ceramic pitcher and Elizabeth bought it for her as an extra wedding present.
Like my brothers and sisters, I remember the pitcher being used on steamy hot Missouri summer nights, for home made lemonade. Big chips were broken from blocks from the family ice box, lemons squeezed, and sugar added (sparingly because it was rationed due to war-time.) Somehow, lemonade was never quite as good as it was from the old yellow pitcher.
Genevieve, Karla's mother gave the pitcher to Karla Barton for her collection of ceramic pitchers.
Karla Barton is the great, great grand-daughter of Margaret (Bost) and Jacob Fecht.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Brendan Patrick Fecht enters the finish of California's AIDS Lifecyle Ride on June 7, 2008. He, with the flowered helmet in the form of the AIDS ribbon, was among 2,500 riders who made the San Francisco to Los Angeles ride. (click on picture to enlarge)
Jerry Fecht walks toward the stage at the conclusion of the AIDS Lifecycle Ride. He was among 600 "Roadies" who did the camp work to support the moving city of cyclists. Jerry's job was working in the Camp Store, where he recruited riders and roadies for next year's ride.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Funeral Prayer Card - Hugh Hogan

Hugh E. Hogan lived from 1901 to 1974. He was the husband of Julia Fecht Hogan. Hugh was a progressive Iowa farmer, whose farm was a control station for Iowa State University's studies of crop rotations and contour farming. Unfortunately, Hugh was not as careful with his own body. He was a chain smoker and died from heart problems and lung disease.
Mortuaries that served Roman Catholics printed small commemorative prayer cards with the departed person's name and dates of birth and death. The reverse of this card features an image of Jesus meditating in a garden.
A value to such cards is the name of the mortuary and location. This affords family history scholars to find additional records.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Congratulations to our kinswoman Kari Leigh Jenson, December 2007 graduate of Western Washington University. Kari earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education and plans on a career in teaching. Western Washington University is located in Bellingham, Washington.
Kari Jensen is the great -great - great grand daughter of Margaret (Bost) and Jacob Fecht.

Kari is a member of the William Charles Fecht Family

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This week the grave of James L. Fecht was marked by a United States Veterans Administration bronze marker. Jimmie is buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Chatsworth, California.

James is the great grandson of Margaret (Bost) and Josiah Fecht

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Left to Right: Robert W. Fecht, Martin Fecht, Mildred Fecht, Ronald Fecht, Todd Fecht and in front Derek Fecht.

Robert Fecht is the great grandson of Margaret (Bost) and Jacob Fecht. Mildred Fecht was the grand daughter of Mary Ann (Secrist) and Josiah Crites. She is Robert Fecht's mother.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Mike Chapasko and Robert W. Fecht playing baseball in Corning, Iowa. Photograph courtesy of Dr. Dan Sullivan 2008.
Michael Chapasko was the first husband of Patricia Chapasko.

Read all of the posts in this blog by scrolling to the bottom of the group shown on your screen. You'll find a section called "older posts." Just double click on it and go to earlier postings.
Send your comments, corrections etc to Gerald Fecht at
Photographs may be emailed to Jerry by the jpg format.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


We are not sure who these little girls are. Dr. Dan Sullivan acquired the photograph from a collection of his older brother Bernard. He thinks it may be of Melzine Fecht. Just not sure.


John Vance - Photo contributed to this Family Pictures Blog by Dr. Dan Sullivan - 2008
This photo is inscribed "To Mushie and Ina from John Vance".
I had no record of John Vance, but I do of whom I consider his parents. He is likely the great grandson of Margaret (Bost) and Jacob Fecht. Dr. Dan may help more when he tells us how he acquired this image.
He is a descendent of Joseph Jacob Fecht.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Don O. Niman
Jacob Fecht, Wm. C. Fecht, Wm. T. Fecht, Genevieve Rebbe, Kathleen Rebbe, Don Niman: p.1
John Crites, Josiah Crites, John Franklin Crites, Mildred Crites Fecht, Genevieve Fecht Rebbe, Kathleen Rebbe Niman Cass, Don Owen Niman: p.1
Don Owen Niman is the great, great grandson of Margaret (Bost) and Jacob Fecht. He is the grandson of Genevieve and Owen Rebbe. Don is the great, great grandson of Mary Ann (Secritst) and Josiah Crites.

DON OWEN NIMAN (f-69) (c-993) (B-2217114412)
Don is the second child of Kathleen and Dan Niman. He is a graduate of Stanwood High School in Washington State. In 2008, Don and his family reside in Washington State.

The numbers behind a person's name simply indicate his/her identification in the f = Fecht family, c= Crites Family, and a better system used by the Secrist Family, going back to Pennsylvania before the American Revolution.

Monday, April 14, 2008


I am nearly finished scanning the photographs in my father, Bill Fecht's collection. These men were Bill's pals and tent mates. I have sent a copy of this picture to the Museum in Aberdeen, Washington.


This is a leaf from the back of a German Catholic Bible that belonged to Margaret Bost Fecht. The notations may not have been made by her, but appear to be accurate.
It was given to Gerald Fecht by Lucile Sullivan Branch.

Friday, April 11, 2008


I may remove this picture, since it is so highly manipulated by Photoshop techniques. First the picture was double exposed and there were other people in it. But, I couldn't find a picture of my dad with his fiddle. Bill Fecht often played his violin after his evening meal.


John David Fecht was the second child of Elizabeth (Walsh) (f-28) and William Charles Fecht (f-27). He was born on the 5th of August 1891 in Mexico, Audrain County, Missouri. He, like his brothers and sisters, attended Maple Grove School, a one room institution near his home outside of the town of Mexico. John, who was called “Jack” by family and friends, was baptized a Roman Catholic Christian and was Confirmed in the Catholic Church on the 7th of June, 1905. The presiding priest was the Most Rev. John J. Glennon, Archbishop of Saint Louis. (church records acquired for this history by Carl and Thomas Fetterhoff in 2002.)
He went to Montana, with his sister Anne, brother-in-law Harry Candy and brother William to establish a homestead as a young man. Jack may have lived near his maternal Aunt Hannah Walsh in Montana. The effort to homestead the prairie was a disaster, and the humiliation of failure loomed great in 1917.
Jack volunteered to serve his nation when World War One was declared in 1918. He was assigned as a military policeman in the military and was stationed in Florida. When he was discharged, Jack returned to his earlier life as a farmer in Missouri, an occupation he pursued without much success for the remainder of his life.
The first wife of Jack Fecht was Mary Effie Thomas, but nearly everyone called her Effie. She was a sister to Lena, who married Jack's younger brother Lawrence. Effie and Jack were married on the 14th of May 1924 at Saint Brendan's Roman Catholic Church in Mexico, Missouri.
Often in the evenings after preparing a huge Sunday dinner for visitors and family, Effie would set aside her vast apron and sit down to play. One of the favorite stories of her nieces and nephews was a time when they got her to sing over and over again a song she had been practicing for a women's choir, called the Jube Laute (“Let Us Rejoice.”)
Mildred Fecht nursed her sister-in-law Effie in the last days of her life. Effie is buried next to John David Fecht at St. Brendan's Cemetery in Mexico. After Effie died Jack Fecht married a widow by the name of Willa Barnes. The ceremony was held on 2 April 1956 at Saint Brendan's Church in Mexico.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


It is a long way and many, many years from Coulter, Pennsylvania (McKeesport) to Washington State. Yet, there is a miracle of history going on here. The people in this picture are descendants of Margaret (Bost) Fecht and Jacob Fecht .... or have married into our family.
I will break this photograph down into 6 Sections for the purposes of identification. After folks are identified, the Section will be added to this posting.