Wednesday, December 31, 2008


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In 2003, Brendan Patrick Fecht, great, great grandson of Margaret (Bost) and Jacob Fecht, visited the land of our ancestors. He was invited to Europe by a friend who works for the new European Union. The capital of modern Europe is in the ancient city of Strasbourg Alsace, France. It was from Strasbourg that the emperor Charlemagne ruled. His sons established the modern nations of Europe.
Brendan had the wonderful opportunity to visit La Fecht. Here he stands on the bridge leading into the modern city of Colmar, within a short distance from the camp of Julius Caesar.
The great cathedral of Strasbourg, one of the most beautiful in Europe, was once a place of excited debates on religion. Aristocrats had some choice in their religious preferences, but peasants were alloted to Catholics and Lutherans, based on the choice of their "masters." A Lutheran theologian named Fecht, published a thesis at the cathedral of Strasbourg in the late 1500s.
There is a Rue de La Fecht in Strasbourg today. Brendan says that Alsace has incredible food!

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