Sunday, June 22, 2008


Karla Barton displays Fecht Family Heirloom.

Shortly after her marriage to Bill Fecht in October of 1920, Mildred and Bill moved to Mexico, Missouri. About mid-November, Elizabeth Ann (Walsh) Fecht was showing her new daughter-in-law the little stores in Mexico. Mildred admired a large ceramic pitcher and Elizabeth bought it for her as an extra wedding present.
Like my brothers and sisters, I remember the pitcher being used on steamy hot Missouri summer nights, for home made lemonade. Big chips were broken from blocks from the family ice box, lemons squeezed, and sugar added (sparingly because it was rationed due to war-time.) Somehow, lemonade was never quite as good as it was from the old yellow pitcher.
Genevieve, Karla's mother gave the pitcher to Karla Barton for her collection of ceramic pitchers.
Karla Barton is the great, great grand-daughter of Margaret (Bost) and Jacob Fecht.

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