Saturday, April 5, 2008


Elizabeth Ann Walsh Fecht and her daughter Florence, with baby Bernard. Photograph was taken at the "home place" just outside of Mexico, Missouri.
For the next two days, this blog will be featuring images of Florence Sullivan to honor her birthday on April 7th. This photograph gives a good idea of what the farm house of Elizabeth and William Charles Fecht looked like. The clothes line normally would give a hint about the day of the week, but I think the uniformity of the clothes suggests that they are baby Bernard's diapers.
There was a protocol about clothes on outdoor lines, that Mildred Fecht learned quickly after her marriage of Bill Fecht. Ann Fecht Shire called her aside and said that it was "immodest" to hang underwear where passersby might see it. One hung sheets and towels as a kind of barrier, with "unmentionables" pinned inside. Sigh.
This photograph was shared by Dr. Dan Sullivan, Florence's youngest son.

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