Thursday, January 15, 2009

MYSTERY PHOTO 0109-2 and 3

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Our Swartwood family in Fulton, Missouri offers us the most positive chance of connecting the Fecht family with our Bost relatives in Pennyslvania. This family are descendants of Margaret Fecht Bost Sullivan, whose first husband was William Bost. William did not come with Margaret to Mexico, Missouri, but remained in Pennsylvania. Our great aunt Margaret (called Mag or Maggie by the family) would have had photographs of William and appears to have had other Bost relative photographs as well.

The soldier in this posting had his photo taken in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The picture was in the Swartwood collection in Fulton, Missouri. We will pass this and other images along to the Harrisburg Archives, that identified the Bost store in previous postings on this blog.
I've used photoshop to blow up the soldier's image and to remove distracting background "noise".

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