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Pennsylvania militia encampment - Homestead, PA
(click on image to enlarge) Historic Bost Building is circled. The Bost General Store is just to the left of the building.

Photo of Homestead, Pennsylvania. (click on image to enlarge

Detail of Homestead, Pennsylvania 1896. (click on image to enlarge

In early January 2009, our kinsman Dan Sullivan wrote Ron Baraff (at the recommendation of our kinswoman Bonnie Harvey about the suspected Bost photographs in the previous posting on this blog. Mr. Baraff is the Archivist of the Steel Industry Heritage Corporation in Homestead, Pennsylvania.
Dan wrote:
"I'm a cousin of Bonnie (The Bost Ghost) Harvey, and she asked me to forward the attached photos from my family to you. I'd b grateful for any
information you could give us about them.
Jacob Fecht. William Bost, Margaret Bost, John Pomi

Ron Baraff wrote in return:
"These are great photos. Can you identify who is in them? The photos are, I believe, of the Bost grocery store which was next door to this building> This building primarily was a hotel, restaurant, and bar. I am attaching a photos of the Bost Building (the larger building in center of photo) from 1892 and c. 1896. The store is to the left of the building.
Hope this helps. Ron Baraff."

Jerry Fecht's note:
Bonnie Harvey gave us our first strong evidence of the relationship between Bosts of Homestead, Pennsylvania with Margaret Fecht (whose maiden name was Bost) acting as godmother for a Bost baby. (see: previous postings this blog). Dan Sullivan's discovery of a grocery store among the photographs of William Bost (Swartwood collection in Fulton, Missouri, are very important - for, as the above email from Ron Baraff, there was a Bost Grocery Store just left of the famous Bost Building in Homestead. (The building circled in this Pennsylvania militia photograph.)

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