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Preliminary note:
In the 19th and early 20h centuries, an important symbol of status was one's inclusion in publications such as "social registers". "blue books", "Who's Who" or community "memoirs". Enterprising "vanity" publishers sold thick books that insured that "subscribers" would be included. Two such books constitute the Memoirs of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.
There are however important elements of family history in such books, if one passes by the boilerplate assurances of good character etc.
Margaret Bost Fecht was born in Saarbr├╝chen, Germany.

From an earlier posting on this blog:
William Bost was the second child of Catherine (Renn) (BH-1-S) and Henry Bost (BH-1). He was born on the 2nd of January 1857 in Mifflin Township, McKeesport, Pennsylvania. He was baptized on the 6th of January at St. Peter Church in that town. His godparents were listed as Margarita Fecht (very likely Margaret Bost Fecht and her brother Wilhelmus Bost.
Jerry Fecht

Biography of Frank Bost
from Memoirs of Allegheny Country

Frank Bost, of Homestead, Pennsylvania, a prosperous blacksmith, was born at McKeesport, Pennsylvania, February 25, 1861, son of Henry and Catherine (Renn) Bost, natives of Sarrbr├╝chen-on-the-Rhine, Germany, who came to the United States in 1842, and settled in Allegheny County, Pennsylvainia, where his father followed the occupation of mining, and later ran a hotel as wht is now Duquesne.
The elder Bost was also on the county detective force for four years, died in Mifflin Township, and was the father of the following children:
John (deceased)
William * Margarita/Margaret Fecht was William's godmother
Frank Bost was reared in Allegheny county, educated in the public schools, an when fifteen years of age commenced his apprenticeship at the blacksmiths' trade and served four years. Then one year he worked as a journeyman at McKeesport, and in 1881, embarked on his own account at Homestead, where he has since continued with much success.
Mr. Bost is the pioneer blacksmith of that borough, and has long been known for the high class and character of his work, as well as for his splendid standing as a man and as a citizen.
He was married on November 30, 1883 to Lena, daughter of Henry and
(1 - 26)
Christiana Wilhelmina (Heisterberg) Vondera, of Mifflin township,
(page I 26
Allegheny county, but formerly of Germany, and five children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Bost, viz:
Charles H.
Frank Jr.
Mr. Bost enjoys the confidence and esteem of all who know him' he has been entrusted with a number of public offices in Mifflin township, and his public record, like his private one, is of splendid character.

Note: Bonnie Harvey notes:
" The entire book is digitized and available at http://digital.library.pitt.edu/pittsburgh/, a great site to visit when you have no intention of getting any sleep for at least 25 hours".

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