Saturday, January 17, 2009


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Interior of store previously posted on this blog, as likely the Bost Store in Homestead, Pennsylvania. The nature of the store is clarified by this photograph. The exterior showed hats in the window and a barrel of vegetables by the door, along with the merchandize in the interior amounts to a "general store."
Margaret Fecht's "Bost" children were her eldest, and thus it is very likely that they inherited Aunt Mag's (Margaret Fecht Bost Sullivan's) photographs.

The man in this photo is unknown. The background of the image was removed in order to emphasis his appearance for identification. Not all photos in the Swartwood collection were of relatives.

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Gerald R. Fecht said...

This man may be the husband of Ella Campbell Matousek. it has a photographer's name Townsend - Lincoln.
Jerry Fecht