Sunday, March 9, 2008


When it came time for the fatherless Fecht family to move west from Pennsylvania, they chose the village of Mexico, Missouri. Such a choice was not accidental. Lorenz and Margaret Feger had an established farm there, and help William Charles Fecht and his mother Margaret Bost Fecht acquire farmland adjacent to their own.
There is a record of a Marie Fecht marrying a Lorez Feger in Saint Louis. The name Mary was often connected as Margaret Mary. In the Feger will, Lorenz will his family in Illinois money, while Margaret wills all her assets to William Charles Fecht with token amounts to other Fechts in Mexico. The Fegers are buried in Saint Brendan cemetery very close to Margaret (Bost) Fecht and her children.
I believe Margaret (Mary) Feger was either a sister to William Charles Fecht or possible his aunt (sister to Jacob Fecht).

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