Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Dorothy (Fecht) Fetterhoff recalls her Aunt Hannah as being "a very stern and perhaps unhappy person." Some family records indicate that Hannah had some problem with her mouth; perhaps the result of a stroke. But, this is unlikely since the damage appears at an early age.
Hannah appears to have gone to Montana to establish her own homestead about the same time Harry and Ann (Fecht) Candy, John (Jack) and William T. Fecht did. Bill Fecht mentions Hannah's homestead in his autobiography.
It was the custom of the time for unmarried or widowed women to live with married family members. And, Hannah lived with her sister Elizabeth (Walsh) and her husband William Charles Fecht. Widows customarily lived with one of their children.
Hannah Walsh is buried in Saint Brendan Cemetery, Mexico, Missouri.
Photos courtesy of Dr. Dan Sullivan 2008

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