Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Bill Fecht and Dan Sullivan clowning around in Montana. Saturday was the day set aside to go into town to buy supplies, such as flour, tools and seed. Both Dan and Bill "proved" homesteads in Montana.
Harry Candy drives a mule team in Montana.
Harry Candy was the first husband of Ann Fecht, the eldest daughter of Elizabeth Ann (Walsh) and William Charles Fecht. In 1918, Ann returned to Mexico, Missouri with her baby Rosemary. Harry packed a railroad car with the little family's possessions and left his unsuccessful homestead for good. On the way to Missouri, the railroad car caught fire. Harry was drenched with water while fighting the fire. He hadn't been feeling well when he left Montana. Chilled and exposed to influenza, he fainted when he left the train in Mexico, Missouri. People stepped over him, thinking that he was likely drunk.
By the time Harry was rescued, exposure and fever took his life.
These photographs we shared with this blog by Dr. Dan Sullivan.

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Gerald R. Fecht said...

Genevieve Rebbe does not believe that Bill Fecht is the person skylarking with Dan Sullivan. She feels the man in the picture is too tall to be Bill Fecht.