Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The Hyde Family

There are many unsolved riddles about our family's relationship with Hyde Family of Chicago. Finding our connection with the Hydes may connect big parts of our Irish heritage puzzle.
Patrick Walsh of County Cork, Ireland and Ann Finn of Country Clare, Ireland were, by family tradition, married in New York City. They were Roman Catholics, so there may be marriage records.
The Walsh came to Saint Louis and lived in the Irish neighborhood that is now the Little Italy hill in that city. Ann (Finn) Walsh died and was buried in Calvary Cemetery. Patrick remarried to Ellen Sweeney. He is buried in Calvary Cemetery. A record in Mexico, Missouri has Patrick as a veteran. The names Patrick and Ann and Walsh are very common and there are five or six in Calvary.
Part of our Irish family were the Hydes of Chicago. They were likely related to the Roach family also of Chicago.

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