Friday, February 8, 2008


Julia Walsh Algoe and daughter Genevieve Algoe

James Algoe and daughter Genevieve Algoe

Julia Walsh was the half sister of Elizabeth Ann Walsh Fecht. She married James Algoe. Their daughter was Genevieve Algoe who became a Catholic nun. She took the name Sister Catherine Marie and remained a nun all her life.
Genevieve had family records but destroyed them, since her "real family" was her religious community.

This family lived in Saint Louis, Missouri. Photos # 32 and 33

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Gerald R. Fecht said...

Patrick Walsh was married twice. His first wife was Ann Finn Walsh. They had two daughters, Elizabeth Ann and Hannah (our Grandmother and Aunt Hannah).
Patrick remarried after Ann's death to Ellen Sweeney.
Ellen had several children, one of who was Julia who married James Algoe.