Thursday, January 31, 2008


Did your Dad or Mom ever sing a song called "San Antonio"?

Just as the sun was peeking oer the hill,
After the break of day.
There rode a cowboy and his old pal Bill,
Cowboy was feeling gray.

Bill said, "Come down, pal, down into town, pal,
Big time for me and you,
Don't mind your old gal, you know that's cold, pal,
If what you say is true."

"Where is she now?" he cried,
And this is what Bill replied.
"San Antony, Antonio, She hopped upon a pony
And she ran away with Tony.
But if you see her, just let me know,
And I'll meet you in San Antonio."

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Anonymous said...

I've been obsessing about this song since I was a young child back in the mid-1960s. My parents had many old vinyl records, and this song was on one of them. It seems that it was a fairly popular song way back in the day, and I have always wondered: Is it from a stage play? Is it from a movie? Even in the internet age, tracking down information about this tune has been difficult. But the melody and words of the chorus are burned permanently into my memory:

San Antoni, Antonio!
She hopped upon a pony
And ran away with Tony.
If you see her, just let me know,
And I'll meet you in San Antonio.