Wednesday, January 30, 2008


John D. Fecht c. 1918 Montana

This photograph of John David Fecht (Uncle Jack) was taken on his homestead in Montana, about 1918. To be honest, the coming of World War I must have been the perfect excuse for the Fechts to give up on their sad effort to make Montana into Missouri farmland. Jack, like his brother Bill, enlisted into the United States Army. Jack was sent to Florida where he was trained as a military policeman. Bill was placed into the Army Air Corps and sent to chop the spruce timber in Washington State.

The back of the photograph, in Jack's handwriting states"
"The cattle were scattered. There are about 80 head in the bunch and the Kodak didn't catch many.
Say Bill if I could catch a woman as easy as I can catch a cow, I wouldn't be an old bachelor long. ha ha."

Dr. Dan Sullivan adds:
Notice that he's wearing a sixgun!
I've generally thought that my folks met after jack went to Villisca (Iowa) to work at the power plant.

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Gerald R. Fecht said...

Dr. Dan Sullivan writes his cousin Jerry

Do you remember when we were fishing at Jack & Effies and caught the
bullfrogs. Uncle Jack dressed them out and Aunt Effie cooked them.

Gerald R. Fecht said...

Dr. Dan asks:

Do you know where the homestead was located? There might be a brand on
file with the State. Dad (Dan Sullivan) and his family homesteaded near Plentywood.